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[ H ] A N D

Hasbean sources the widest range of specialty coffee, offering around 60 unique lots at any one time, allowing us to cover a wide range of origins, varieties, and processes, as well as various microlots from our partner farms–all roasted carefully and delivered fresh to our customers.

We believe that the best cups of coffee are the result of teamwork between producers, roasters, and brewers – [H]AND is a great opportunity to showcase our “together is better” approach to coffee whilst highlighting the great work of our producing partners.

With so many coffees to choose from, [H]AND’s coffee offering will change daily.

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[ H ] A N D

Across the world, tea is made in batches. Each batch varies due to the season, soil, elevation and producer. Every batch has its own flavour notes and quality, even within a garden or season, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Most teas in the world end up sold to the markets and blended.

Lalani & Co is a family run company, founded out of a love for exquisite tea and craft produce that specialises in finding extraordinary small-batch teas. They choose from the most talented gardens, from particular elevations; they know the seasonality of tea and the premium seasons in which to buy. They even go into the detail of the varietals of tea plant used and the making process for the batch.

The teas the Lalani & Co team source express the best flavour of their region – ensuring they find the best, made as a luxury craft, with the same artisan skill as with a family vineyard or a small whisky distillery.

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[ H ] A N D is about the AND

the power and beauty of working together to achieve a common purpose


Coffee at [H]AND is brewed on a handmade series of brewers produced in the Tsubame region as a collaboration between Kalita and the local manufacturers. As a part of the “& Kalita” initiative, the resulting hand-engineered and hand-made brewers of “Tsubame & Kalita” collection embody simplicity, functionality, and beauty.


[ H ] A N D is about the cleverness & skill of the human HAND

of pickers, roasters, packers, baristas; of designers, factory workers, store staff, customers


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At Hasbean, we believe it’s more important to be good than to be cool–that’s why we’re focused on flavours and relationships.

We source the best coffees we can find through a network of producers we’ve built long-term relationships with: good people committed to growing coffees that demonstrate process, variety, terroir, and farming skill.

Through our work building and growing relationships, we offer a wide range of coffees, reflecting the diversity available. We roast them to order, profiled to maximise their unique qualities, and delivered fresh so you have the best opportunity to experience them.

E: orders@hasbean.co.uk
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